Dog Adoption Application

The Humane Society Fargo Moorhead strives to place the animals entrusted to our care in permanent, loving homes. The purpose of this application is to aid us in that process and to get acquainted with prospective adopters. We want to help you in your choice of a dog that will be well suited to your family, home, and lifestyle. Your decision is important since this is a lifetime commitment.

  • Your Contact Information

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  • Dog Information

  • Hours per day
    Days per week
  • About You & Your Household

  • Current & Previous Pets

  • Please list all animals in your care in the last 5 years (include roommate's or relative's pets currently residing in your home).

    Name of Animal Species
    Breed Age Spayed /
    Still living
    with you?
    If not, please explain why
  • Personal References

    Please list two references who:

    a) Know you well
    b) Do NOT live with you
    c) Did NOT accompany you to the shelter.

    At least one reference must be unrelated to you.
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